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About Us

The Fresh Fox Boutique was originally established in February 2015 as a pop-up shop in Freshwater. Starting as a 6 month pop-up we extended our trading in that location to 3 years! The shop was closed in May 2019 for a variety of reasons and this paved the way for our next venture in Fairlight!

"The Fairlight shop opened in February 2019 with an 8 week lease. The original intention was to do a summer clearance for my brand charley vella and the Miz Mooz shoe brand. However, I immediately loved that shop and knew that if the locals came, it could be a longer term option. We have been so well received by the community and we are so happy to continue building the business in that shop for as long as possible."

Rachael Levey, owner of the Fresh Fox Boutique, also creates for her own label charley vella which is featured at the boutique.   
She blends original designs with contemporary themes and ultimate comfort and aims for the 30 plus market in her beautiful and upcoming label. 



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